Principal Provisions


  • Members of ASKOT shall observe national and international best practice, and endeavor to meet the highest professional standards.
  • Under Section 4.1. of the Articles of Association, members of ASKOT bear moral and professional responsibility for their performance. Members of ASKOT shall prepare diligently for their assignments, using documentation provided by clients as well as obtained from other available sources.
  • Members of ASKOT shall not accept assignments they could not fulfill in the best possible quality.
  • Members of ASKOT shall keep all non-public information obtained through interpretation in the strictest confidence. They shall not use any confidential information for their own benefit.
  • Members of ASKOT shall not accept overlapping assignments.
  • In order to provide top interpretation, Members of ASKOT shall require the clients to provide:
    clear sound
    direct view of the speaker, the presidium and projection screens (cannot be substituted by a monitor)