Working Conditions


  • Interpreters' working day is eight hours including breaks.
  • Interpreters charge half their daily fee for short events, such as official audiences, press conferences or brief presentations.
  • An assignment lasting 4 hours, for example from 9 am to 1 pm, effectively prevents the interpreters from accepting additional assignments for the day. Typically, the interpreters will charge three quarters of a daily fee for such an assignment, which also allows for the possibility of the event running slightly over the four hours.
  • Any assignment requiring travel from the interpreters' domicile is charged as a full day even if it is shorter than a working day.
  • If an out-of-domicile assignment lasts for more than one day, the client shall accommodate the interpreters in single rooms with en-suite amenities.
  • The client shall either provide the interpreters' transportation to an out-of-domicile assignment or covers their transportation costs.
  • If the interpreters are required to travel to an out-of-domicile assignment before the day of the actual assignment, they may require compensation for travel time. The same applies to return travel.
  • In order to prepare for the assignment, the interpreters shall require the organizer to provide conference or background documentation in advance.
  • In order to provide top quality, interpreters shall require the client to provide:
    1. clear sound
    2. direct view of the speaker, the presidium and projection screens (cannot be substituted by a monitor)
    3. suitable working environment
    4. a sufficient amount of drinking water
    5. short breaks for interpreters who work alone.
  • Unless specifically provided for in the contract, the interpreters may refuse to work in conditions unacceptable for reasons of mental well-being (such as a crematorium or a slaughterhouse) or professional dignity.
  • In the event of client's cancellation of the interpreters' services, for the duration and under the conditions set forth in the contract, the client shall pay the interpreters' fees and compensate for any justifiable costs incurred by them.
  • An interpreter may not withdraw from the contract save for statutory reasons. Upon client's agreement, the interpreter may offer an adequate replacement.
  • Interpretation is an oral performance intended for immediate listening. It may not be recorded without the interpreter's prior consent. The client bears full responsibility for recordings made by third parties.