A direct line to top Czech conference interpreters

Get in touch without the fuss and cost of contracting through an intermediary.

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Our members are qualified conference interpreters. Most of them went to specialized interpreting schools.


We create conference interpreting standards for the Czech market, adapt them to the latest developments and make sure they are upheld.


For well over 30 years, Askot interpreters have been working for the EU institutions, heads of state and government and national media outlets.


Asociace konferenčních tlumočníků, z.s.
Senovážné nám. 23
110 00 Praha 1
Tel.: 224 142 312

E-mail: info@askot.cz

Datová schránka: xggdive

IČ: 49369202

Executive Committee

Daniel Svoboda – chairman, external relations

Dominika Winterová – secretary, CPD events

Věra Poledníková – treasurer

Dorota Blabolil-Obrębska – coordinator of new working groups and projects

Adéla Zummerová Kotasková – PR and communication