Code of Ethics

Key principles of professional ethics

ASKOT membership constitutes a commitment to observe professional rules of conduct at both the national and international levels (in the sense of progressive adoption of commitments and demands of the best European standard):

  • A member of ASKOT bears moral responsibility for his/her best possible performance in the sense of the Association Statute. On that account he/she shall prepare for each assignment with due diligence, using documents provided by the event organizer as well as other available sources.
  • A member of ASKOT shall not accept an assignment he/she could not perform in good quality.
  • A member of ASKOT shall not accept assignments at overlapping times.
  • A member of ASKOT shall keep all non-public information obtained during the interpretation work in utmost confidentiality. He/she shall never misuse such information.
  • A member of ASKOT shall demand of the event organizer to meet all work-related and technical conditions indispensable for the adequate professional level of interpretation.
  • A member of ASKOT shall not take any emolument or commission for mediating an interpreting contract to another member of ASKOT.
  • A member of ASKOT is free to decline the execution of a contract that would compromise the dignity of the interpreting profession; he/she shall keep solidarity with his/her colleagues.