This is the website of the Association of Conference Interpreters (ASKOT), a guild of professionals, founded in Prague in January 1990. Along with the Union of Interpreters and Translators (JTP), ASKOT is one of the two Czech associations of language service professionals, and the only one that admits solely practising conference interpreters, provided the application is sponsored by several long-affiliated members and stands a scrutiny of the applicant’s vocational and ethical qualities.

ASKOT, a member association of the prestigious International Federation of Translators (FIT/IFT), provides its members with a basis for community activities and professional development, promotes their interests in society, and offers practical tips to the users of their services.

Translation and interpreting are highly skilled professions, more demanding than one might tend to think at a glance; all the more so when it comes to conference interpreting. It pays off to rely on expertise. Find more on the following page.